As of November 1, 2013, the Mediators who formerly practiced with Mediation, Inc. have moved their offices and their scheduled mediation
conferences and their mediation practices to two separate mediation firms.

More than 20 mediators, including Jim Chaplin, the founder of Mediation, Inc. have moved their scheduled mediation conferences and their
mediation practices to their new group, Mediation Firm, Inc., which has its new mediation facility in downtown Ft. Lauderdale at the Bank of
America Tower at 401 East Las Olas Boulevard, Suite 1220, Fort Lauderdale, FL.  This new facility is located a block south of the former
Mediation, Inc. facility in downtown Fort Lauderdale.  Mediation Firm, Inc. also has mediation facilities and Miami, West Palm Beach and
The Mediators now affiliated with Mediation Firm, Inc. include:

Mediation Firm, Inc. contact information is 954-765-8000 or

Seven Mediators have joined the Upchurch firm and have their Broward mediation facility in Plantation at 900 South Pine Island Road, Suite
410.  Those mediators are Judith Bass, Dominic Brandy, Alvin Capp, Samuel Heller, Charles Tetunic, William Zei and Robert Zwicky.  They
may be contacted at 954-423-8856.  They also have South Florida mediation facilities in Miami and West Palm Beach.

We thank our loyal clients who have participated with us in the birth and development of trial court mediation in Florida over the past 27 years. 
We look forward to continuing to provide top quality mediation services in the future.
On another note, please continue to remit payment for Mediation, Inc. invoices to Mediation, Inc. at P. O. Box 4978, Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33338.
The Mediation Firm, Inc. website is under construction.
Mike Carbo
Jim Chaplin
Hugh Chappell
Rick Ciravolo
Geoffrey Curreri
Jesse Faerber
Tom Grimmett
Nick Gunther
Ed Klein
Ben Lap
Tom Lardin
Don Niles
Ron Luzim
Jim Parkhurst
Meah Tell
Alan Whitaker
Jim Carlisle
Ed Mortell
Jim McCauley
Ed Marko
John DiChiara
Andrew Degraffenreidt
Kelly Henderson
Bill Nielander
Frank Sinagra