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Mediation, Inc. is primarily focused on providing the Trial Bar, Insurance industry representatives, Public Adjusters, and any other advocates for those in a financial dispute with seasoned mediators, administrative support services and comfortable facilities for the conferences. Our mediators and arbitrators bring to the table a broad range of life, professional, and legal experience as well as years of experience leading a diverse array of alternative dispute resolution tactics to achieve fair and voluntary settlements.

The Firm provides the following services:

  • Pre-Suit mediation in all types of civil and family law cases

  • Mediation conferences in all types of civil litigation in State and Federal courts

  • Mediation in all types of family law cases including divorce, modification, visitation, etc.

  • Arbitration — voluntary or required by contract

  • Special Master appointments; valuation master, discovery master, etc.

  • Mediation during appeals — State and Federal courts

  • Private Trials

  • FINRA Arbitration

  • Liability and Damages Marketing Studies

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