Our Mediators

  • Mike Carbo

    Personal Injury, Commercial / Corporate / Real Estate, Employment Related claims, Negligent Security/ Premises Liability, Family Law,

    Global Insurance Settlements, Construction disputes, 

    Uninsured Motorist claims, American Disability Act, Homeowners Insurance claims

  • Jesse Faerber

    Personal Injury / Wrongful Death, Medical Malpractice, Insurance Litigation, Construction Litigation, Products Liability, Nursing Home Negligence, General Negligence

  • Paul Regensdorf

    Personal Injury Cases – all forms

    Professional Liability – all professions

    Commercial and Contract Litigation

    Insurance Coverage and Bad Faith Litigation

    Financial Institution Litigation Including Foreclosures

    Construction Litigation

    Labor and Employment Matters

    Constitutional, Governmental, Municipal, Public Records/Access Matters

    Real Estate and Probate Litigation

  • Meah Tell

    Personal Injury / Wrongful Death, Commercial / Corporate / Real Estate, Employment Related claims, Family Law, 

    Trust / Estate / Probate / Guardianship, Construction disputes, 

    Nursing Home claims, Bankruptcy, 

    Arbitration, Civil Rights / Discrimination

  • Tom Lardin

    Admiralty & Maritime, Auto Negligence, Personal Injury,

    Commercial Disputes, Contract Disputes, Product Liability, Foreclosure, Employment Matters, Other Civil Disputes

  • Jim Chaplin

    Personal Injury / Wrongful Death,

    Product Liability,

    Mass Tort / Class Action Cases,

    Medical / Legal Malpractice,

    Aviation / Maritime,

    Commercial & Real Estate Cases,

    Employment Related Claims

  • Rick Ciravolo

    Commercial / Corporate / Real Estate, Negligent Security / Premises Liability, Global Insurance Settlements, Construction Disputes, Nursing Home Claims, Uninsured Motorist Claims, Eminent Domain / Condemnation, Hurricane Damage, Homeowners Insurance Claims

  • Ben Lap

    Products Liability,

    Commercial / Corporate / Real Estate,


    PIP Claims,

    Mass Torts,

    Construction Disputes,

    Homeowners Insurance Claims,

    Trust / Estate / Guardianship

  • Tom Grimmett

    Personal Injury, Negligence, Medical Malpractice, Global Settlements, Real Estate, Contracts, Homeowners & Premise Liability.

  • Dieter (Nick) Gunther

    Personal Injury / Wrongful Death, Medical / Legal Malpractice,

    Products Liability, Negligent Security / Premises Liability,

    Global Insurance Settlements,

    Construction Disputes,

    Civil Rights / Discrimination,


    Employment Related Claims

  • Mike Stewart

    Personal Injury/Wrongful Death,

    Medical/Legal Malpractice,

    Commercial/Corporate/Real Estate,

    Maritime/Admiralty cases,


    Construction disputes,

    Uninsured Motorist claims,

    Insurance/Bad Faith, PIP claims,

    Homeowners Insurance claims

  • Robert Berman

    Complex personal injury, wrongful death, medical and dental malpractice, automobile, premises and general liability, medical, dental and professional liability, medical malpractice, products liability, personal injury, commercial litigation.

  • Michael J. Paris

    • General Liability & Casualty 

    • Trucking Litigation

    • Products Liability

    • Premises Liability

    • Automobile Litigation 

    • Construction Litigation 

    • Intentional Torts 

    • Negligent Security 

    • Wrongful Death

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